Montag, 21. April 2008

Mittwoch, 16. April 2008

stomp enough to end up 4th

so that's reines capture of my run in hemsedal. funny enough....having one of the most talented skiers filming me and arguably the worlds greatest alpine climber beat kammerlander doing pictures I feel kinda loser....

Dienstag, 15. April 2008


I'm in aare right now working on my abilities concerning what they call "aare powder"-landings. in better words: stomping into some scandinavian concrete. we came home on sunday after a succesful weekend. my friend and aare-native reine barkered won the competition and is now leading the overall clean with two victories. john havard grogard came in second and - to make the 10 hour drive from aare to hemsedal worth it - I finished 4th. the conditions were suiting me perfectly and the face reminded me a lot being home in vorarlberg. I'm looking forward to sauda and röldal - altough I know it's not gonna be easy there. take care folks

the pics are taken from norway's biggest skiing magazines' website and I hope they won't kill me for using them...also there's great coverage of the event on national norwegian TV so I feel kinda pro somehow;)

Dienstag, 8. April 2008

a slower way of rolling fast

hey there!
it's been a while since I posted something. here's to let you know that I'm in norway right now - the land of good weather and cheap beer. I'll stay up here till the beginning of may for the norway freeride cup and I'll let you know through this. winter has been good to me so I took off of writing and went for the action more or less. so here I am looking forward to the next hit in hemsedal after comming in 17th on lofoten islands last week. the landscape sucked like everything else as you can see below.

flohthe arena

I fell in love with the ocean

contest face, reine barkered won, christen bryn and john-havard went huge

down town henningsvaer

the slow way of cruising. I liiiiiiike.