Montag, 3. Dezember 2007


This I guess gives you a picture of where I come from, it is a reasonable illustration of life in the alps, and that small town austria is still alive and well in this area called "bregenzerwald". if you answer 10+ statements with "yes", you might be my kind o' person!

1. You know three different seasons, snow, more snow, and road construction.
2. Your idea of a traffic jam is three cars waiting behind a snow plow.
3. You can drive through your town and point out every tourist.
4. You think rush hour is at 7:25am when everyone is trying to go to school, or tourists are entering the valley during ski season weekends.
5. During ski-skate week you go somewhere warm and do not ski or skate.
6. You don’t stop before crossing the "wälderbähnle" train tracks and you tend to scream and use obscene hand gestures when people do.
7. according to you, Fir Trees, Lakes, rivers, trains, and snow covered mountains are nothing spectacular.
8. You go to a different state to go to the movies, mall, rock shows, university, etc.
9. It is a Sunday morning in the fall, you are looking for a fellow local and without consideration you go to the townsquare after church service and... They’re there.
10. You have a "stemmeisen&zündschnur" sweatshirt and even if your best friend from outta town is freezing you wont let them wear it because it would be a disgrace to the cause.
11. You did compete at ski races as a kid.
12. You wear down jackets for a purpose not for fashion.
13. You can not make it through any public place without saying hi to everyone.
14. The majority of parties you’ve been to took place around a campfire at the nearest rivers' shore area.
15. Every car in your high school parking lot has a ***** drawn on it
16. you know that you can really get into the summer concerts for 8 euros or less at the door
17. you hang out with the same people you did in kindergarten... because there is no one else.
18. you listen to good hip hop because you already had all the ac/dc - iron maiden - metallica stuff at the age of 10 from your older brother.
19. you have made fun of Vienna over 1000 times in the last 2 days
20. you have gone to soccer games just because you knew everyone playing for the team peronally.
21. You know the exact size and color of the local P.D.'s car lights.
22. You've been through a monstrous snow storm, the last week of school.
23. you wear flip-flops in December...just to spite the snow..
24. Your idea of a party is at a place called "schönebach"
25. During the summer, your second home is called "ach" no matter where indeed.
26. When everyone and their mother asks you why you hate Maria when you wear your "I hate Maria" hoodie to school. And when you know that you and two other people are the only ones who understand this.
27. You've gotten a free smoothie at Tritsch from almost all its everchanging employees
28. When you go to other towns and you are in shorts and a t-shirt when everyone around you is in jackets freezing.
29. between you and the person sitting next to you, you own about 170 hand made croche’ed headbands and 47 hand made crochet'd beanies....and they just keep on coming.
30. When you see a deer near the road, you don't stop and go "oh honey look at the cute little deer" you flash your lights honk your horn and speed off, and pray to god you don't hit one on your way.